Budget and Fiscal Review: Breaks the Governor’s proposed budget into broad subject matters (such as Education, Natural Resources or Health and Welfare), and assigns each state agency and department to one of five subcommittees (Education; Resources, Environmental Protection, and Energy; Health and Human Services; State Administration; Public Safety, the Judiciary, Labor, and Transportation). Subcommittee hearings begin in March during which the Legislature has its broadest discussion of budget alternatives and makes most of its changes. State agencies, the Governor’s Department of Finance, the Legislative Analyst’s Office, and interested citizens or groups appear before subcommittees with their recommendations. After completion of the hearings, each subcommittee votes on the proposed changes and submits a report to the full Senate budget committee. The full committee may accept the report or amend it. The revisions are incorporated into the budget bill and sent to the full membership of the Senate for consideration. Staff Contact: Tanya Vandrick

Budget Subcommittee #1 on Education: Details and discusses the Governor’s budget proposal and alternatives relating to education. Staff Contact: Spencer Rhoads

Education: Bills relating to education, higher education, and certificated educational personnel. Staff Contact: Spencer Rhoads

Governmental Organization: Bills relating to state government organization, horseracing, public gaming, the National Guard, alcoholic beverages, management of public safety emergencies and disaster response, and legislation permitting the use of state-controlled lands. Staff Contact: Tanya Vandrick

Housing: Bills relating to housing, including those that affect state housing funding programs for low- and moderate-income families, homelessness, housing elements and land use approvals for housing developments, housing successor agencies and the housing obligations of local financing districts, manufactured housing, building codes and standards, and common interest developments. Staff Contact: Nicki Taylor

Human Services: Bills relating to CalWORKs and other welfare programs; CalFresh; child welfare and foster care; services to persons with disabilities, including those provided by regional centers and the state's developmental centers; in-home supportive services (IHSS); aging and long-term care; community care licensing; and, social services and rehabilitative services, in general. Staff Contact: Nicki Taylor

Public Safety: Legislation amending: a) Evidence Code, relating to criminal procedure; b) Penal Code; c) statutes of a penal nature not related closely to a subject included in another subdivision of this rule; and d) legislation relating to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Staff Contact: Spencer Rhoads

Rules: Proposed amendments to the rules of the Legislature and other matters relating to the business of the Legislature. Staff Contacts: Chris Burns / Sarah Couch

Legislative Ethics: The committee formulates and recommends for adoption by the full Senate the Standards of Conduct for all Senators, Senate officers and employees, and distributes a manual for the Senate based on the Standards of Conduct. The committee also reviews complaints regarding violations of the Standards of Conduct by Senators and Senate employees, keeping records of all investigations, hearings, documentation, etc., regarding such complaints. Staff Contact: Sarah Couch

Joint Committee on Rules: The Joint Committee on Rules is responsible for approving events, exhibits, and equipment for events. This committee has and may exercise all of the rights, duties, and powers conferred upon investigating committees and their members by the Joint Rules of the Senate and Assembly. Staff Contact: Sarah Couch