Brightline West Project Receives $3 Billon in Infrastructure Investments

Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (R-Yucaipa) has announced that the federal government will award over $3 billion to California to support the development of a passenger rail system from Rancho Cucamonga to Las Vegas. 

“I am thankful for the substantial funding received by California for the Brightline West high-speed rail project,” said Senator Ochoa Bogh. “This investment will revolutionize the Inland Empire, creating a new era of visionary leadership and strong partnerships. It is a significant step towards a future filled with endless possibilities, which will benefit our region immensely.”

Senator Ochoa Bogh and other state legislators, who represent the City of Rancho Cucamonga, recently wrote a letter to U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg expressing their support for the Brightline West and Nevada Department of Transportation’s Federal-State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail Grant application to the U.S. Department of Transportation. The legislators believe the funding would profoundly impact the region, including the Inland Empire in Southern California, and support its continued growth.

“In the pursuit of true high-speed rail service, this stellar achievement underscores the power of innovative vision and unwavering determination within public-private partnerships,” said L. Dennis Michael, City of Rancho Cucamonga Mayor. “As Mayor and on behalf of the entire City Council of City of Rancho Cucamonga, we are thrilled to witness the realization of this transformative project that connects our dynamic regions thanks to the leadership of Senator Ochoa Bogh and other federal partners. This strategic investment in cutting-edge infrastructure not only opens doors to jobs, economic growth, tourism, and commercial ventures but also enhances Southern California’s global connectivity. Cucamonga Station stands as a beacon in this transportation revolution, and we eagerly anticipate the boundless transformations it will bring to our vibrant region.”

The Brightline West project will positively impact the Inland Empire region by connecting Las Vegas and Southern California with the nation’s first true high-speed passenger rail system. The 218-mile, all-electric high-speed rail service will include a flagship station in Las Vegas, with additional stations in Apple Valley, Hesperia, and Rancho Cucamonga.