Senator Ochoa Helps Secure $9.8 Million to Maintain Hospital Access in Riverside County

Lifeline funding part of Distressed Hospital Loan Program

Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (R-Yucaipa) is pleased to announce that San Gorgonio Memorial Healthcare District, which operates San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, received $9.8 million in desperately needed funding as part of the Distressed Hospital Loan Program created this year by the legislature to provide loans for nonprofit and public hospitals on the brink of collapse.

“Making sure residents in my district receive quality healthcare and hospital services is a priority for me,” said Senator Ochoa Bogh. “Without these desperately needed funds, San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital faced an uncertain future and therefore the patients it serves were at-risk of losing healthcare access. I’m glad I was able to work with the governor’s office to help secure this funding in our first step to help save our hospitals in the long-run.”

Senator Ochoa Bogh and California Senate Republicans have been advocating to save rural hospitals who face an uncertain future. Senate Minority Leader Brian W Jones (R-San Diego) introduced Senate Bill 774, the “Save Our Hospitals” bill that aimed at stopping the California Attorney General from closing more financially distressed rural hospitals. Senate Republicans also wrote a letter to the governor urging him to sign Assembly Bill 112 that established the Distressed Hospital Loan Program, saying delaying implementing the program would put hospitals and their patients at risk.